How to Select The Perfect Fabric While Buying Lingerie

While selecting lingerie you must know about the fabric it is made of and the benefits of the fabric (stoffbutikk) . As lingerie is worn close to the skin, it should have skin-friendly and non-irritant material.

Cotton material is very commonly used in making of lingerie, and it provides utmost benefits as it is soft on the skin, breathable and can be easily worn daily. Cotton material lingerie is perfect for wearing in hot weather as it doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin. They do not tear up easily and require minimum attention. The only disadvantage is that it does not provide excellent support when used in Bras. You can wear cotton lingerie for daily purpose with normal cloth but don’t expect too much support and flexibility.

Silk is a trendy material when it comes to lingerie; it is highly comfortable, durable and lightweight. The feel of silk is also amazing; it keeps moisture away from the skin. Those who have sensitive skin can easily wear Bra and underwear of silk fabric. Though silk lingerie is costly if taken proper care, it could last for a long time.

Rayon is a mix of natural and synthetic material, and this fabric is made from cellulose fibre. The Rayon fabric is mostly used in the making of Bras. It is made for soft feel, smoothness and comfortability, and this fibre is a perfect imitation of natural fabric like cotton, silk or other material depending upon the demand of manufacturer, it has similar properties to a cotton (Symaskin) . Rayon is usually mixed with a synthetic material like polyester and spandex which adds elasticity. You might have heard of Modal, it is extremely soft and gives a luxurious feel to the skin, unlike other fabric this is washable in the machine and does not shrink or fade easily so it does not require much care.

Spandex is a synthetic material that gives good flexibility and elasticity to the Bra which a natural fabric can not provide on its own. The literal dictionary meaning of Spandex is a type of stretchy polyurethane material which has best elastic property. The fabric that is known to be made of spandex is usually mixed with cotton to provide breathability and elasticity features to a Bra. As Spandex is a chemically made fabric, it might irritate the people with sensitive skin. So those who don’t have a skin issue can wear spandex bra with any outfit to enhance the look of the outfit.

Polyester is the latest invention, it has microfibres which give an extremely soft feeling, and it is very lightweight. As polyester is also a chemical material, there is a chance it could irritate the skin, that is why it is mixed with other fibres. As it is a cheap product, it was a notion that it is uncomfortable but with technology advancement, it comes with good quality. Also, when you are buying a bra or underwear made with the polyester fabric, you should make sure that it is not cheaply priced.